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Product name: Serostim

Active substance: somatropin (rDNA origin)

Strength: 6MG (18 IU X 7 Vials)

Quantity:  7 Vials (126 IU)




Serostim is full 191 amino acid sequence HGH somatropin. It was originally intended to treat patients with HIV but it can be used for any other reason as person may want to use HGH. This can be to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat, slow and reverse the ageing process and increase height in growing children.

Serostim HGH is the same HGH as any other HGH product such as hypertropin, kigtropin or jintropin etc. This product will dramatically increase the muscle mass of the person using it. A bodybuilder may expect to gain between 20-30% increase in lean muscle mass for a first time user. The benefits of using serostim HGH to gain muscle rather than using anabolic steroids are due mainly to the side effects. Steroids will have worse side effects generally. Serostim HGH also produces better lean muscle. It will produce better muscle than conventional steroids because it increase both the size and number of muscle cells. Steroids generally only increase the size of each muscle cell. The number of muscle cells generally stay the same using steroids.

Serostim has other effects other than increasing lean muscle mass. It can improve the metabolic rate so that you have more energy. It can increase the way the muscles receive nutrients by increasing the cardiovascular blood flow. It improves sleep patterns. One of the ways HGH prevents ageing is by increasing an improving quality of sleep. Older people sleep less and have a poorer quality of sleep younger folk. Taking HGH can return you to those days when you slept long and well and awoke feeling refreshed. Indeed its during sleep that HGH can have its best effect repairing the body.

Serostim causes the release of IGF1 which is responsible for many of its effects

Not only does IGF-1 help in building muscle, but it is also crucial for improving blood sugar levels, for speeding up the healing process, but it also boosts the immune system and increases antioxidant levels in our body that helps prevent age-related decline.

Serostim is pure Somatropin

Also known by its generic name as Somatropin or by other brand names as Nutropin, Serostim has been ranked among the best human growth hormone commonly used in treating children who experience a short stature at birth with no catch-up growth. Serostim HGH is also used to treat adults with a natural growth hormone deficiency, those with chronic kidney failure or short bowel syndrome, and used to prevent further weight loss related to AIDS and much more.

Don’t take HGH if you have cancer

While Serostim human growth hormone plays a unique role in the growth of strong bones and muscles, caution should, however, be exercised when it comes to people who are allergic to Serostim. In addition to that, Individuals with an active form of cancer, a serious illness due to lung failure, eye problems caused by diabetes, those who have suffered complications from recent surgery, injury, or medical trauma, as well as obese individuals with severe breathing problems including sleep apnea should not use Serostim or should consult a doctor before taking Serostim.

Serostim For Lean Body Mass

Even though Somatropin is among the two dozen brands of synthetic human growth hormones, it is an injectable prescription-only drug that you can only get from your doctor, which makes it quite safe for use. One of the main reasons why most bodybuilders and professional athletes use Serostim is that it is a protein-based hormone and protein is the single most important nutrient that has a much higher thermic effect that is vital for burning calories.

Serostim For Increased Physical Endurance

One of the factors that contribute to a decrease in endurance and resilience, making it difficult to sustain intense activities, is unhealthy lifestyle choices such as making unhealthy meal choices and living a sedentary life. Not only does your body lose its ability to sustain extended periods of physical activity but living a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and obesity, and it can also cause your muscles to weaken, which decreases your level of physical endurance. You can increase your stamina with a few lifestyle changes to make your body healthier.

Is used in treatment of wasting diseases

Serostim can be self-administered every day to injection sites such as arms, legs, or abdomen and those who do have reported an increase in physical endurance, particularly those diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

Serostim For Anti-Retroviral Therapy

Protein also prevents muscle loss and metabolic slowdown – a process that is common with people living with AIDS. Serostim has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an effective and recommended treatment of HIV positive patients experiencing wasting syndrome or cachexia to increase their lean body mass, body weight, and improve their physical endurance. It is recommended that you continue with your antiretroviral therapy for the duration of Serostim treatment.

Serostim For Growth Hormone Deficiency

A growth hormone deficiency can either be acquired later in life; it can be congenital as a result of genetic mutations or from structural defects in the brain at birth or from an unknown or diagnosable cause considered as idiopathic.

Its usually prescribed for kids who are not growing enough

Serostim human growth hormone is used to treat the childhood-onset growth hormone deficiency that results in growth retardation and short stature, often echoed by the immature delay of lengthening of the bones that is inapt to the age of a child. Adults with age-related pituitary dysfunction who experience physical symptoms of growth hormone deficiency such as reduced muscle strength, reduced energy levels, reduced bone mineral density, as well as altered body composition among others, can also benefit from taking Serostim HGH.

Serostim can replace HGH lost with age

It is not uncommon to experience a significant decline in the levels of growth hormone in the body as we age. But thanks to the presence of amino acids and proteins found in Serostim, this synthetic human growth hormone enhances the production of HGH in the pituitary gland that naturally declines with aging processes and in the process, it enables our cells, bone, and muscle tissues as well as organ tissues to grow.

Serostim Treatment For Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS)

The main job of the small intestine is to absorb nutrients from the meals you eat into the blood. Short bowel syndrome or SBS is related to poor the absorption of nutrients. It is a condition that prevents the intestine from absorbing food properly and typically occurs in people who have either had parts of their small or large intestines surgically removed, those who experience poor motility inside the intestines, or those who have suffered significant damage to their small intestines.

Helps the digestive tract

Individuals with short bowel syndrome will experience uncomfortable symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, heartburn, fatigue, lactose intolerance, and steatorrhea or foul-smelling stool. They may also experience a significant decrease in weight, malnutrition, dehydration, anemia, and kidney stone disease known as urolithiasis.


While the surgical removal of a large portion of the small intestine may be recommended, especially for patients with Crohn’s disease, research shows that a combination of Serostim human growth hormone and an oral solution of L-glutamine can enhance the absorption of nutrients in the intestine and alleviate short bowel syndrome-related discomfort.

The bottom line

In conclusion, depending on the purpose of use, Serostim comes in a variety of strength, therefore, consult your doctor before commencing usage. The recommended Serostim dose, according to the manufacturer, is about 0.1 mg per kilogram taken intravenously on a daily basis and up to 6mg for those living with AIDS.

Serostim in Bodybuilding

Also known as somatropin, the HGH is actually an injectable drug for growth hormone that is available only through prescriptions. Like many other growth hormones’ synthetic form, Serostim is created by utilizing the recombinant DNA technologies. The FDA has also approved Serostim for the treatment of the muscle-wasting disease known as cachexia. Actually, the Serostim comprises of residues of the 191 amino acid & its structure and sequence are similarly identical to the endogenous growth hormone. Its structure and sequence confirm that it can do the same job as that of the natural growth hormone. If someone is suffering from lack of growth hormone then he could be seriously benefited from this compound.

The product was also studied in the regard to its capabilities to improve the mass of lean muscle and weight gain for individuals who were diagnosed with HIV. For that purpose, Serostim is used in bodybuilding, though it is illegal to use in bodybuilding.

Benefits and side effects in bodybuilding

According to one source, the treatment of the 0.1 mg/kg per every alternate day is seen to have fewer or fewer side effects. The product is also recommended as the initial dosage for patients who have been diagnosed with a risk of the glucose intolerance. However, it is worthwhile to note that there is actually minimal information regarding long-term or short-term benefits or side effects is accessible from the controlled studies or researchers after the use of it (Serostim) for 48 weeks or more.

Some adverse or negative reactions that may develop are as follows.

• Diabetic ketoacidosis.

• Worsening of diabetes mellitus that was pre-existing.

• A new outbreak of the diabetes mellitus (type 2)

• A new outbreak of the impaired intolerance of glucose.

• Diabetic coma.


Serostim is usually administered by injecting subcutaneously. It should also be remembered that Serostim therapy is carried out best under the capable and regular guidance of at least one physician or doctor who is an expert & experienced in management and diagnosis of the HIV infection.

Cachexia or wasting syndrome associated with HIV

The product common starting dose is 0.1mg/kg, given subcutaneously once every day, which is up to a complete dose of six mg. Serostim must be administered by subcutaneous injection once every day as per the following recommendations of dosage based on the body-weight.

If the body weight is more than 55 kg or 121 lb then the dosage will be 6 mg given subcutaneously daily.

If the body weight is between 45 to 55 kg or 99 to 121 lb then the dosage will be 5 mg given subcutaneously daily.

If the body weight is between 35 to 45 kg or 75 to 99 lb then the dosage will be 4 mg given subcutaneously daily.

If the body weight is less than 35 kg or 75 lb then the dosage will be 0.1 mg per kg given subcutaneously daily.

How to take Serostim

Serostim HGH is usually injected just under the skin into the subcutaneous fat layer. It is a less invasive injection than those which penetrate muscle or a vein. Serostim HGH is usually injected every day or sometimes you can do “day on day off” with it. Its usually injected just before going to sleep. To inject the serostim first take a 3 inch fold of fat, push the needle all the way into the fold, let go of the fold and then inject slowly.


The most common of the side effects associated with serostim or any HGH are: muscle aches, sore joints and swelling in the feet and hands. These side effects usually disappear with continued use of the HGH. You may also get carpal tunnel syndrome, this is where the nerves in the forearms are squeezed by new muscle growth. This can give tingling and numbness in the fingers but will stop after the serostim HGH course is finished.

Most common side effects of SEROSTIM reported in clinical trials in patients treated for HIV-associated wasting or cachexia?

  1. Swelling, especially in the hands or feet or around the eyes

  2. Bone, muscle, and joint pain or stiffness

  3. Tingling, numbness and pain in the fingers, thumb or wrist

  4. Unusual skin sensations

  5. Breast enlargement in men

  6. Nausea

Extreme tiredness

Other less common but serious side effects of SEROSTIM are:

  1. High blood sugar (hyperglycemia/diabetes) which can include symptoms of increased thirst and urination, tiredness, or trouble concentrating

  2. Headaches, changes in vision, nausea or vomiting, which requires immediate medical attention

  3. Serious allergic reactions that require immediate medical attention

Pain and tenderness in the abdomen


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