Peg MGF 

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Product name: Peg MGF

Active substance: Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor

Other names: Mechano Growth Factor, Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor, IGF-1ec

Strength: 2 mg

Quantity: 10 vials


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PEG-MGF (Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor) is a variant of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) which leads to an increase in the muscle cells necessary for adult muscles to continue growth beyond their genetic limit. Like other forms of IGF-1, PEG-MGF creates new muscle cells and stimulates muscle growth by promoting nitrogen retention and increasing protein synthesis.

peg mgf differs from regular MGF as it has undergone a process of “Pegylation” which extends its half-life from less than 30 minutes to several days.

Useful for persons looking to stimulate growth in certain (usually lagging) muscles.


Base MGF which is produced in liver and secreted into the blood stream, only lasts for about 5-7 minutes before it breaks down. This is the regular “base” MGF version that’s not widely used due to the short half-life. Just as IGF-1 was modified to be IGF-1LR3 (the longer acting version), the same has been done with MGF. The additive polyethylene glycol was added to the MGF chain in order to give it a half life of several days.


When using MGF thats pegylated thats the addition of Polyethylene glycol, its a non toxic additive that increased the half life of MGF from minutes to hours.

This means its uses and versatility make it a tremendous addition to a bodybuilders aresnal.

I have found it most effective as its effects are systematic, that means they have a whole body effect wherever muscle has been damaged or is diseased.

The next aspect we need to look at is how to make the most use of a long acting version of MGF.

When your muscle is damaged your body releases a pulse of an MGF splice variant as i outlined above, followed by a less anabolic longer acting version from the liver… So it seems a waste to inject MGF at this time as you will just blunt your bodys own release, your not enhaning it.

So using PEG MGF on non workout days is actualy the very best route, the muscle has been damaged, so there are plenty of receptors for MGF, the effects are systematic so all muscles will be helped to recover through increased nitrogen retention, protein turnover, and satelite cell activation. Recovery is just going to sky rocket.

Doing this means your increasing the length of your bodys own mechanism for muscle repair and growth, your opening up the anabolic window.


When you are working out, you are breaking muscles down and the real growth happens when the muscle heals and cells are able to grow and increase in size. This is where PEG MGF can be utilized as an incredible recovery tool. PEG MGF can be ran as a standalone peptide post workout, but it’s especially useful on recovery days. By injecting 200mcg bilaterally PEG MGF will bind to receptors and actually help recover damaged muscle tissue better than IGF-1. PEG MGF has also shown to signal satellite cells close to the damaged muscle tissue to grow just as if they were a part of the damaged tissue cells. This means that damaged cells are going to grow larger and faster, but also it is going to grow cells near the damaged tissue. In simple terms, this means you’re creating new muscle tissue while recovering the already-existing muscles. This is extremely helpful, considering that as you get older the ability to proliferate satellite cell regeneration decreases drastically. This leads to age related muscle loss, as you aren’t able to create new muscle cells. This is Mechano growth factor directly increases the availability of muscle cell production; therefore, recovery times from damaged muscle tissue are going to decrease and muscle size is, in turn, increased.


peg mgf exhibits local effects in skeletal muscle and without cannot travel through the body without modification. The problem with synthetic peg mgf is that it is introduced intramuscularly and is water based so it goes into the blood stream. When used this way, peg mgf only remains stable in the blood stream for a few minutes. Biologically produced MGF is made locally and does not enter the bloodstream. It is also short acting so stability is not an issue. By peg mgf it is almost as efficient as local produced peg mgf) when used intramuscularly. This is accomplished by surrounding part of the peptide with a structure of polyethylene glycol, which can be attached to a protein molecule. The polyethylene glycol groups protect the peptide but do not surround it completely. The active sites of the peptide are still free to do their biological function. In this case the shell is a negative charged shield against positively charged compounds that would affect the protein.


Males & Females = 200mcg (0.10ml or “10” units on the Insulin Syringe if you have used 1ml for mixing, 0.20ml or “20” units if you have used 2ml of water for mixing and 0.3ml or “30” units if you have used 3ml of water for mixing).

Number of Dosages per vial: 10 x 200mcg (0.2mg) dosages.

When to Take: After weight training. As a single injection into one muscle group, or split up to inject half of the dose each into the left and right side muscles.

How to Take: Preferably injected intramuscularly. But due to the extended half-life it can be injected subcutaneously into fat (stomach, thigh or buttock) and still make its way to the muscle cell receptors and be effective. Other peptides can be mixed in the same syringe and injected at the same time.

PEGylated MGF dosing Protocols

The PEGylated version is going to be much longer lasting making a 1-2 dose per week procedure possible. I still think its best used with IGF or AAS to maximize the benefits so here are some sample protocols

Once a week PEG MGF/ IGF

Sunday 100-300 mcg MGF you can choose to site inject if you wish. I think splitting large doses may benefit.

Monday –Fri IGF 50mcg e/d

Twice a week PEG MGF / IGF

Sunday and Wed MGF 50-150 mcg

MT, ThF IGF 50 mcg

These protocols are just to start as this is brand new feel free to tweak them if you like. I will update them after we have done some testing.


None have been noted from the product itself, however temporary irritation (redness, itching or small lumps) at the injection site is always a possibility, especially if injected into fat (sub-q).


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