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Product name: Parabolic

Manufacturer: General European Pharma (GEP)

Active substance: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Brand names: Trenbolone, Tren

Strength: 76 mg

Quantity: 10 Ampoules (1 ml/amp)

Minimum order: $150




Parabolic is a potent steroid (400% and 200 as an anabolic agent and androgenic exercise of endogenous testosterone), which has a long-lasting impact on the human physique. It’s produced by a pharmaceutical firm GEP , and is principally utilized in sport for a set of top of the range, dry muscle and improve muscle mass.

Testosterone is widely known to hold the key of an impressive bulked-up body, but have you ever got notice of that PARABOLIC (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ) leaves that popular steroid behind to achieve the strongest gaining-body-mass title.

PARABOLIC is more potent than Testosterone. When being stacked, its androgenic properties have increased fivefold as well as anabolic scores are four times better compared to Testosterone. If you take 200mg dosage of Trenbolone, it means the amount of 1000 mg of Testosterone is consumed by your body.

PARABOLIC is a structurally modified form of Nandrolone. Since having an alteration of added double bonds at carbon position of 9 and 11 in the chemical structure. Trenbolone is inhibited from aromatising into estrogen, thus causing little negative androgenic impacts. Besides, this slight modification slows down the hocmone metabolism which makes Trenbolone carry more potent anabolic and androgenic nature than its parents, far beyond Testosterone as well.

PARABOLIC gets a tremendous power of a raw anabolic steroid, so it certainly holds the key point of increasing muscular mass by enhancing the nitrogen depot and protein synthesis. Furthermore, it enjoys an advantageous property of not converting into estrogen due to the oustanding hocmone binding affinity to estrogen receptors. Hence, Trenbolone does not cause excessive water retention as well as other serious side effects made by estrogen. PARABOLIC increases the number of blood cells, improving oxygen carrying system, concurrently be an effective fat burner. Therefore, users will enjoy purer, tighter and denser muscles groups, parallel with a much better body regeneration and stamina. So remarkable, PARABOLIC will be beneficial to the steroid users in any type of cycle.


Average dose: Men 200-1400 mg / week

For the beginner the dosage is from 300mg to 500mg per week (75-125mg per day)

For advanced users the dosage is from 500mg to 700mg week (125-175mg per day)

Professional bodybuilders use 700-1000 mg per week (175-250 mg per day).

Women 50-100 mg / week

Cycle of use: 6 to 10 weeks


The lively half-life of the acetate ester model is of about 48 hours, whereas the enanthate model is about 5-7 days. The Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate) ester chain being the longest at 8-10 days. Although, because of the lack of scientific consensus, a few of these figures may be off by about 10-20%.


  1. The most typical side-effects reported by trenbolone customers are:

  2. Aggression and temper.

  3. Night Sweats.

  4. Decreased cardio endurance.

  5. Darkish coloured urine.Lack of hair, where there isn’t a genetic predisposition for it.

  6. Inability to achieve a climax during intercourse, or sometimes total impotence.

Gynecomastia has been reported in rare circumstances.

  1. Coughing spells or shortness of breath following an injection. Also called “tren cough”.


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