Humatrope 12 mg

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Product name: Humatrope Lilly 12mg 36IU

Active substance: Somatropin (Rekombinant DNA) HGH

Manufacturer: Lilly France S.A.S

Package: cartridge powder 36 IU 12 mg + dispencer with solvent

Common Names: Jintropin, Jintropine, Norditropin, Somatropin, SimpleXx, Hygetropin, Humatrope, Norditropin, Nutropin, Biotropin, Zorbtive, Ansomone, Ansomon, Tev-Tropin, Zomacton, Glotropin, Kefei, Kigtropin, Riptropin, Taitropin.

Strength: 12 mg

Quantity: 36 IU




Humatrope 36 IU (Somatropin, HGH) is considered one of the best medicines intended for durable muscle growth. Human growth hormone has a possibility to give a significant muscle growth in a short period of time. Moreover, this hormone has a strong anabolic effect that contributes to the intensive synthesis of proteins, which in its turn, is expressed in muscle hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia.

By the way, Somatropin causes a strong influence on fat burning. It strongly converts fat into energy, that leads to its intense disappearance. This drug is very popular among bodybuilders due to these properties.

Humatrope Lilly 12mg 36IU is a naturally occurring substance secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It is essential for normal growth and development. Growth hormone (GH)is secreted by the pituitary gland since birth and the levels peak around late adolescence. In the 2nd decade of life, the levels of growth hormone began to decline. For more than 40 years growth hormone has been available to treat specific medical disorders. However, in the past 3 decades, growth hormone mania has hit the market and everyone wants to take it. The middle aged and elderly seem to think GH can reverse aging, the young teenagers want to build their bodies and the sports athletes want to perform better. Of all the drugs abused by sports athletes, Growth hormone probably ranks in the top three.

Humatrope Lilly 12mg 36IU, abbreviated as HGH, hGH and GH, is the hormone that activates cell production, growth, and metabolic processes within the human body. Secreted by the anterior pituitary located just inside the base of the skull, GH is responsible for working in conjunction with other hormones in the body to stimulate and regulate proper human growth and development. GH levels generally reach their all time high at puberty and significantly decline around the age of 40.

Humatrope Lilly 12mg 36IU is readily available from us and spas. It is also widely available from many nutrient and alternative care practitioners. The growth hormones is frequently sold under other names like Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin, etc..

Bodybuilding Benefits

Synthetic form human growth hormone made with recombinant DNA technology used by bodybuilders to gain muscular mass, burn fat, increase bone density and energy levels. The compound is suitable for athletes in phase of contests preparation because of the low detection risk and it strengthen the immune system.

Therapeutic Indication

Is used in medicine for growth hormone treatment and in surgical operations, severe burns, traumas, organ transplantations and cancers, promoting protein combination. It is also of the best compounds in battle against aging process.

Where Do The Injections : Injections How should I do?

First, wash your hands with soap and clean water . powder with sterile water ( HGH ) including 2 bottles occurs. Sterile cotton and needle -point of an alcohol to wipe the place where hit. 1ml of sterile water is drawn into the syringe and inject into the vial . HGH molecules are very fragile and sensitive to heat . Fast movements across the sensitive. For this reason, do not shake the vial while stirring . Do not inject directly into a powder power of sterile water , filtered down slowly get off of the bottle . All dust ( it takes about 3-4 minutes ) can wait until it dissolves.


The suggested dosage of Humatrope is about 4 to 6 IU per day for men while women can take about 2IU per day. This dosage may vary according to the need of the users during their bulking and cutting phase for bodybuilding. The dosage for therapeutic usage can vary on the requirements of patients and the doctors can suggest them about it. For therapeutic usage people can buy Humatrope pens which may help them to take the doses accordingly. Humatrope cycle usually runs for an average 6 months.

Users to achieve optimum effects must use the minimum daily dose of 4 iu . Daily dose can be injected several time. Growth hormone is produced , especially at night say . After injection before dinner or before going to bed to mimic the secretion , with an interval of 18 hours, the most important application form. Flexibility in this regard may be the time of application , but also for the injection is not needed at all times


The side effects of using Humatrope pen Lilly 12mg 36IU as a body building drug are minimal and rare. Some side effects of this drug : hypoglycemia, extended belly, joint pain acromeglia, carpal tunnel syndrome.


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