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Product name: Genotopin 5.3 mg

Manufacturer: Pfizer

Active substance: Somatropin [rDNA origin]

Generic names:

• somatropin-Norditropin Norditropin

• somatropin-Nutropin AQ Nutropin AQ

• somatropin-Omnitrope Omnitrope

• somatropin-Saizen Saizen

Strength: 5.3 mg

Quantity: 36 IU, 12 ml x 3 Pens




Genotropin 5.3 mg is an injectable drug manufactured by Pfizer, containing a Human Growth Hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland. In the human body it exists in big quantities especially in adolescence when it promotes protein deposition, the growth of tissues, and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat stores. In medicine, among patients suffering from severe burns, muscle wasting, or undergoing major operations, Genotropin attenuates the protein-catabolic response, promotes wound healing and improves whole-body nitrogen usage. Genotropin 5.3 mg comes in 16 IU/1 mL pre-filled injection pen.

Among bodybuilders and athletes Genotropin reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass, improves the energy, vitality and a whole positive sensation. It also that it helps the body in recovery time between workouts in shorter time. Besides offering a good looking muscle mass Genotropin 5.3mg has the capacity to enhance the human sexual performance, lower the blood pressure, improve the cholesterol level, offer a high level of energy, increase the exercises performance and supplement the bones structure.


First of all the Genotropin dosage depends on the human body characteristics of each individual and on the purpose of administration. As for example in to achieve lipolysis or improved skin appearance it is enough to use 2 IU daily, to achieve a fullness in the muscle, advanced lipolysis – 4 IU daily. For experienced bodybuilders and athletes the dosage may be increased to 5 IU daily. Genotropin is useful to be taken half in the morning upon waking and the other half between post workout and sleep. The results of using Genotropin 5.3 mg (HGH) are not immediately visible, so the users should administrate this injectable drug on a period starting with 3 weeks up to 4 months.


The size and weight of the athlete is not a big factor here as it all depends on the liver’s capability to utilize GH and produce IGF-1. Even though some athletes take up to 24 IU of GH a day, the body/liver can’t utilize this amount, hence the abuse of GH and the undesirable side effects that can be seen.

As is known, all drugs have their share of side effects. However, GH has the tendency to worsen any cancer due to its cell volumizing and anabolic effect on a cell’s size. These are the serious potential effects. Jaw and nose growth are the main, and most noticeable, signs of using GH over a longer period.

No GH or, for that matter, any anabolic steroid is cancerous (theoretically to date) unless the person has been suffering from cancer before using any kind of anabolic; which, in some forms of cancer, the usage of anabolic drugs might worsen the case.”

Genotropin should not be used when there is any evidence of activity of brain tumor. Intracranial lesions must be inactive and antitumour therapy completed prior to starting therapy. Among the main side effects that may occur using Genotropin 5.3 mg there are: skin rash, aggravated or redness, inflammation of the face, lips, or tongue, inhalation complications, dark urine, ear achieng or infection, headache, lumpy, thinning skin at part where injected, biliousness, vomiting, bone or muscle ache, hair loss and others.


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